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I personally want to welcome you to my site that featuring my various feathered friends and services which I offer. Being raised with pets all my life, I have a vast knowledge in all sorts of feathered and furry pets and a deep love for them all.

I have been raising Silkie bantams and perfecting my bloodline for over ten years. My infatuation with Silkies began as a child when I acquired my first Silkie. Even today, they still capture my attention and bring a smile to my face.

Along with Silkies, I have Creme' Brabanters, Seramas, and Guinea fowl. Guinea fowl make a great protector for my non-flying Silkies.

Click the tab titled Photo Gallery to see random pics of all my gang along with weather conditions here in mid Missouri, Videos, Links and please feel free to sign the Guest book.

Thanks. David




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