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Hatching eggs

I sell hatching eggs from my Silkie bantams, Showgirl Silkies, Seramas, Guinea fowl, Creme' Brabanters. I also sell chicks, keets, and adult birds. Enjoy browsing through the  variety of chicken hatching eggs I offer and discovering each breed's unique and charming attributes that make them special . . . from laying  eggs, sporting a beard to donning a top hat!



Showgirl Silkie eggs:  $55/ 6 count

Blue & Splash Silkie eggs:  $75 / 12 count

White Silkie  eggs: $75/ 12 count

Mix of Blue, Splash, White, & Black Silkie eggs: $75/ 12 count

Free range Surprise eggs (eggs from whom ever is free range. Could be pure or mix breed of any of the breeds listed on this page): $25 / 12 count

 Cream Brabanter eggs: $20/ per egg

Guinea fowl eggs:  $4.50 / per egg or $70.00 / 12 count

Hatching eggs are usually sold per dozen. I can also sell half dozen or more than one dozen. Email me for prices. Shipping & Handling is $15

I always ship with Delivery Confirmation!  Enter label/receipt number & track your orders online easily. To check the delivery status of your order, enter the label/receipt number in the space provided below. Please make certain you enter all numbers and letters exactly as appear on your label, receipt or email.

 You must understand I have no control once I deliver to the Post Office and thus can not be responsible or any damaged items once they reach you.

I can ensure that all eggs I pack will be fresh fertile and in perfect shape for incubation. After personally delivering your package to the Post Office I will follow up with you and give you the delivery confirmation number/tracking number so you can see the route your package takes to your delivery address. Shipping & handling is $15.00

Feel free to see how I package eggs and read the testimonials from satisfied new & repeat buyers.
Please make prompt payment via PayPal or payments can be made on my website which I also accept other forms of credit. Please allow 7-9 days for egg collection and shipment.


I price chicks and adults based on Quality plain and simple. My flock is happy, healthy and well maintained. I've been raising Silkies for 10 years and bring in new blood often to insure no inbreeding and to acquire more show quality Silkies.

Chicks & Adults

Hens $25 and up per bird - Call or Email for availability

Roosters $15 and up per bird

Chicks (straight run only) $10 and up per bird




Plants & Seeds Available 

 Rose of Sharon in colors of White, White w/ Pink Center,  & Purple w/ Pink Center.Healthy Plants to you ready to plant. Will bloom well second year! 

 The above plants, starts & seeds are linked to images of the parent plants. Just click!


I also take orders for feathers. Email me for more info.





I prefer Paypal as a payment method but will also accept Money Orders, & Personal Checks

NO E-checks please!