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At the turn of the new millennium, I was working for a lady named Len and we were to discussing chickens, bantams etc... Long story short she got for me some white and black Silkie chicks from Cackle Hatchery and from there they have prospered.

My Mother and I took a road trip to Waterloo, IL that fall to a Swap Meet. We arrived a day early and ended up coming back with a few black and buff/red Silkies. In 2005, I got a trio of hens and a splash rooster from a nice lady in Arkansas.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to obtain a variety of rare and purebred chickens from some of the most respected breeders in the country. I am continually striving to improve each breed's desirable characteristics through selective breeding practices. I believe any of the products I have to offer from chickens to flower seeds are among the finest you will find anywhere.

I originally got Guineas to watch over the Silkie flocks. So far they have been an asset. They are a bit noisy but I haven't had any issues with predators since introducing Guinea fowl. The Guineas were hatched and raised by some willing Silkie hens.

After moving back to the homestead I wanted to experiment with Pheasants. I ordered some eggs and had my Silkies again be surrogate mothers. I have learned that Pheasant chicks are not the easiest to raise. I'm now left with only one pair and doubt I raise them on a large scale. My hopes are to produce them for meat, feathers, taxidermy, hatching eggs and to release back into the wild. A few of them have already been released on accident into the great outdoors here in Central Missouri.

In September 2008 I have added Mandarin ducks and Georgia Giant & Butler Bobwhite Quail to my little farm. June & July of 2009 brought Creme' Brabanters to the mix.



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