My Mandarin ducks My Mandarin ducks Poppy takes a dip Poppy is trying out his temporary pool and seems to like it just fine. He is molting and will soon be in full color. Poppy is split color, meaning his parents are normal and the other white. 13900193 Lotus Lotus is more friendly of the two hens. She will be normal color and won't get any larger. 13900171 Getting use to it This was their first day in their new home and was quite skittish so the photos I got are not the best. The two hens are on the left and the drake on the right. 13899489 A chilly December Day Poppy, Lotus & Lily 19677051 A chilly December Day Lotus (normal hen) & Poppy 19676997 A chilly December Day Poppy (drake) & Lily (white hen) 19677053 New Home for them Not 100% done but built for the Mandies in the memory of my G'Ma Ruth. Most of the boards were from her old homestead that was no longer livable and demolished. 41251266 A chilly December Day Poppy in all his colorful glory 19676998 Entrance to aviary The North side of the aviary is the entrance. The screen door was taken from G'Ma Ruth's back porch and shortened to fit. On top is actually the over for the riding mower but placed there for shade when we were working on it. It has since went back on the mower. 41251267 Interior of Aviary Both hens have their very own nest box but have not staked claim to either one. 41251268 Interior with pond The pond, which has a drain, was constructed from a rubber feeding /water tub, pvc pipes and a on/off valve. 41251269 Interior with nest boxes A nesting spot for each hen. 41251270 Lotus & Poppy Lotus & Poppy are checking out their new surroundings. Lily got a bit out of the picture. 41251271 Fountain and Aviary One of my flower gardens, which is still under construction, with a water fountain sits near the new home of the Mandarins. 41251272 The gang Poppy isn't so pretty without his colors. 49609230 Poppy & Lotus 55430019 Enjoying a dip 49609231 Poppy & Lotus 55430020 Poppy & Lotus 55430021 Poppy & Lotus 55430022 Lily & her ducklings Lily hatched 6 ducklings in July. They are all getting along nicely. 93968171 Poppy & Lotus 55430023 All the gang together Here is a photo of Lily, her ducklings, Lotus and Poppy. 93968172 Poppy, Lotus & Lily Enjoying a nice warm Autumn day. 56251265 Poppy, Lotus & Lily Enjoying a nice warm Autumn day. 56251266