Cream Brabanters Cream Brabanters Cream Brabanters Out with the old and in with the new, they are quickly getting their feathers in. 41289853 Cream Brabanter Too cute! Paul & Jan Anderegg from Rainbow Gate Farm are so nice! 41289854 Cream Brabanters I can not wait to see how big they get!! 41289856 Cream Brabanters Checking out that silver thing that flashes bright light in their faces. 41289857 Cream Brabanters They seem to be a bit camera shy. 41289858 Three Lil' Brabanter Chirp, Cheep, and Peep 41293119 Bad hair day? Early morning, the chicks check out the outdoors to see what might amuse them. Look at their funny top knots ! 43314013 Momma on the look out - eat up kids Their surrogate Momma is on lookout while the chicks eat up their morning feed. 43314015 mmm mmm good These chicks are growing and developing nicely. Just look at their funny top knots on their heads. 43314017 Perched on the ivy Growing like a weed and enjoying seeing their crest grow. 45421816 Fabulous Do! Look at their crest. WoW! 45537447 All in a row Standing in a near perfect line trying to peck flies off the side of the hen house. 45537448 Calm & Proud This one reminds me of a British Guard with their hats on! 45537449 Atten-tion! 49610331 Pullet Nice crest atop her head 56246941 Pullet 56246942 Pullet 56246943 Pullet She was peaking around my car 56246944 Pullet & Cockerel Pullet w/ cockerel in the background 56246945 Pullet 56250683 Pullet Just look at her do 57175803 Cockerel 56246946 59961730 Cockerel This guy started crowing just two days ago! Funniest sound you'll ever hear. 57175804 Karim The lone rooster 59961731 Karim and one of the ladies 59961732 Brabanter cockerel 68254925 Pullets mingling 68254926