Silkies over the years Silkies over the years Mixed colors Some of my chicks from the first hatch of 2008. 5302209 A bunch of cutness 15 of my chicks from the first hatch of 2008. 5302196 Momma and baby This is one of my surrogate hens that is raising the chicks. 5532203 Chicks Picture of my first hatch of 2008. Mixed colors. Silkies are kept separated by color, eggs are harvested and then given to a surrogate hen. 5532189 A storm is brewing Bluez, my Splash roo and some of his ladies. 5302207 Bluez This is my Splash roo. He has been retired. 5302195 Sleepy chicks A batch of chicks that I hatched in 2007 5532205 I'm thirsty Buff hen getting a drink. 07 5555316 Kendall in the pen Kendall in the pen trying to pet the Silkies. 07 5555317 Fall adventure Kendall with egg basket in hand takes a sit down to feed one of the buff hens. 07 5555318 Nesting hen Non-bearded hen on nest. 07 5555335 Love me some watermellon 07 5555319 First Outing Chicks on their first outing with Momma. 07 5555336 2nd hatch of 08 Feeding time for the newly hatched chicks. This is my second batch of chicks to hatch for 08. 5555344 2nd hatch of 08 Just look at all the colors. I have a Splash roo with the blue and splash hens. The partridge roo is with the buff, partridge and white hens. 5555345 Holding area 2 This is what I keep the chicks in with the surrogate hen. These chicks are one week to one day old and the second batch of chicks hatched this year. 5691558 Soldier & Trooper Twin chicks that hatched on Memorial Day 2008. 6354915 Soldier & Trooper Twin chicks that hatched on Memorial Day 2008. 6354938 Bluez & The Gang Bluez with the 'teenager' silkies. 8985615 Teenagers Some of the older chicks from the 08 hatch 8985597 Awkwardness These chicks will be beautiful I'm sure but during the 'teenage' weeks they do look a little funny 8985598 Drinking Fountain Mess of Silkies getting some fresh water 10493247 It's a Flurry of Fluff The Silkies love fresh cold water ! 10493263 A few gathering A bunch of Silkies gathering for drink around one of the waters. 10493264 Flurry of Fluff How many can you count? All I can say is cold water is Goooood! 10493248 Get outta the way ! These are some thirsty birds! LOL Silkies love fresh cold water. 10493249 Spoiled? ? NOT I! 10493266 Feeding Time Kendall feeding the Silkies corn 10727223 She is a pro! Tossing grain to the Silkies. 10727225 Bluez & some gals 10727205 New chicks from Indigo Egg Chicks in a box hatched from Bobbi in Florida. 14193189 New chicks from Indigo Egg Chicks-n-a-box 14193172 New chicks from Indigo Egg Partridge chick and his buddies. 14193173 Buff Hen (side pose) Just pecking around on a cool autumn day. 15358933 Chicks from Indigo Egg 15359854 Hens around the house A few of my hens hanging out around the chicken house. 15913955 Autumn afternoon A few of my Silkies waiting for me to toss out some grain. See the Guinea in back taking off... 15913956 Mostly hens and pullets in this pic 16865986 One of my lovely buff hens along with a few other hens and pullets 16865987 Looks like a rivalry here 16865988 White pullets 16865990 Splash pullet 16865991 Blue Boy and a group eating some grain 16865992 Thanksgiving Day Chicks The four chicks that hatched from eggs ordered from Robert at Funny Farms in PA. Seems like I will have four buffs. 18824757 MY logo 44024662 Sunny My Buff roo. 24354670 Gifts from Debbie 56252348 Bubby & Sissy Bubby & Sissy laying out in the sun. They were hatched on Thanksgiving of 2008 24354671 Sunny Isn't he handsome! 24354672 Warming in the February Sun Splash and Buff pullets sunning 24354673 Gifts from Debbie 56252351 White Silkie pullet and Brabanter pullet 56252352 Girls team Buff, blue and splash pullets. 24354678 Buff pullet Buff pullet 24354681 October 09 Chicks The white chick hatched on Halloween and the others are about a week and a half older. Check out the partridge one in motion. 60238004 October 09 Chicks-Action Photo In mid scatter from the flash! 60238005 October 09 Chicks That lil' white one is determined to hide from me. 60238008 79628612