SHOW ME TATZU TAKASHI SHOW ME TATZU TAKASHI How could you not love that face This was the first picture I saw of Tatzu and knew I had to have him! 5302895 Baby Tat Totally cute a few months old. 5302894 Tatzu He thinks he's a lap dog. 5302913 Tatzu 5302896 Tatzu 5302893 Tatzu 5302912 Always a good friend Christian & Tatzu. As you can see Tat loves the kiddos. 5554285 Who woke me Kendall & Tatzu. Tat was sleeping until Lil Miss decided to wake him. 5554269 I'll hide under here Tatzu in bed. 5554286 Stretch..... Samantha and Tatzu enjoying some sun. 5554287 I'm a Shiba Tatzu 5554270 HI there 5554271 O'Lay Tatzu models a hat 6354798 Ready for green grass Tatzu chillin outside on his lead. I think he's ready for the warmth to come back. 19676661 Always ready to pose 24355788 Octopussy gets a ride! Octopussy gets a piggy back ride! One of Tatzu's favorite toys and when tied on his back it doesn't seem to faze him. 24355789 Summer fun What a handsome devil he is! 44297203 Enjoying the autumn breeze 55441947 56251920 Tat & I at the Park This was taken in the fall of 2008. You can tell Tat loves his daddy. 63976938 I don't think he ever takes a bad photo! 56251921 Tatzu playing in the snow 63976939 Tatzu playing in the snow 63976940 Tatzu playing in the snow 63976941 Tatzu playing in the snow 63976942 Tatzu playing in the snow 63976943