Guinea Fowl Guinea Fowl Keets Guinea keets 5304772 Keets Guinea keets 5304754 Keets are growing 5532586 Youg keets 5532579 Guineas A couple hens in the snow 5304755 Newly Hatched Newly hatched Guinea fowl in a variety of colors as you can see. 5553321 They don't know the difference Surrogate hen raising a mix of Silkies chicks and Guinea keets. 5553295 Taking a stroll Keets and chicks following Momma. 5553322 Afternoon treat Giving Momma a treat. Keets and chicks mingle so well when they are this age. 5553296 Taking a break Guineas are taking a break from the day in a shady spot. 5553323 Guido BeBe 2 Guido is finally a Momma. This is #2 of her keets. I call it BeBe 6745999 Oldest of the keets This is my oldest keet from the 08 hatch 8985107 Keets on a cloudy day Here is a back view of some of the keets 8985127 Have no idea what color this keet will be but he or she is pretty. 8985108 Pied keets BeBe and another keets moving along. 8985128 Oddly colored Guinea hen 15361157 Hot Rod & Hot Rod Jr Hot Rod and her keet. 15361362 Keets 09 44297382 Keets 09 44297383 Follow the leader All of these Keets have hatched this Summer. 44297384 09 Keets 46983822 Guineas with blinders on Some people call them blinders and others call them peepers. They are meant for pheasant but I experimented and used them on my Guineas to see if it helped with aggression. Guess what? It worked!! 56418190 Pearl & White Guinea hens 71398923